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PureEvie provides the highest-grade natural products and services in order to maximize quality of life for all. We combine modern research, a holistic mindset, and turnkey technologies to educate and deliver to customers best-in-class health and wellness solutions. 

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 I must tell you that I am so excited that your products have performed well beyond our expectations. Reading about a product and the corresponding reviews is one thing, but being present seeing the benefits almost instantly is amazing. Chronic pain, chronic nerve pain, migraines, depression and anxiety, PTSD, and insomnia are some of the issues my wife deals with daily. I can tell you honestly, if these products had no, or just a minimal effect, you would probably not have ever heard from me again. After more than a dozen years struggling with these issues we have finally found products that not only offer relief, but actually work. I can't thank you enough for coming in the store that first day taking the time to explain these products the way you did with passion and conviction, I look forward to a very long and successful alliance with you.

Nick C.

Ed has had injections in his knee for seven years to ease the pain even though he’s been told he needs knee replacement surgery. The injections of gel would alleviate the pain for awhile but required repeat injections every six months. 

He’s a skeptic but finally agreed to try the CBD paste on his knee after an injury to the ball of his foot recovered after one application. This is a photo of Ed tonight after only 4 days of using CBD 3 times a day. He noticed the pain improved greatly after the first day. Last night he was amazed he could cross his leg - something he physically has been unable to do for many years. He is ecstatic. Needless to say he is canceling the next gel injection (cost $400 each) as he continues to realize the benefits of Jimmy Ricard’s CBD. He is now going to try other products. From skeptic to believer in four days! Thank you.

Nancy M. - Retired Law Enforcement

Ian A I absolutely LOVE the Kishmy Anywhere oil!! It's great for daily use and gives my skin a healthy glow and I swear it's never been softer. It's got a pleasing subtle scent that my girlfriend loves and I swear it works as an aphrodisiac for her. It's also great for those intimate moments and I'll never use another product for that ever again. TLDR: Get this! You will not be disappointed!

Ian A